Affiliation: Middletown Hardenburgh Fire District #2

Margaretville Fire Department is a member corporation that serves as manpower for the Middletown-Hardenburgh Fire District (MHFD) owned equipment. The MHFD is a fire protection district of upstate New York that is comprised of the out-of-village lands of the Town of Middletown, excluding Arkville and Halcottsville, and Town of Hardenburgh lands in the Dry Brook area. The district contracts to protect areas of Andes accessible from Town of Middletown roads and offers protection to a couple of areas of Roxbury that are more accessible from Middletown roads.
In 2010 the Halcottsville Fire District in the Town of Middletown was dissolved and incorporated into the Middletown-Hardenburgh Fire District. The Halcottsville Fire Department supplies manpower for the District-owned equipment. Currently, the Village of Margaretville contracts with MHFD for fire protection. In late 2013 dissolution of the Village of Margaretville Fire District and concurrent consolidation with MHFD was approved. MHFD is now awaiting approval from appropriate agencies at the State level.
MHFD owns all the firefighting apparatus. It has the power to tax residents under General Municipal Law as a part of the Town/County general tax levy issued each January 1. Funds from taxes are used to purchase and maintain equipment and apparatus owned by the district.